Busy Mamas, does this sound familiar?

  • I know I need to cook at home more, I just don't know where to start.
  • I tried meal planning but by Wednesday the wheels come off and it's back to the drive through for the rest of the week.
  • There has to be something better than toaster pastries and juice for my kids in the morning and their leftovers + coffee for me as we rush out the door.
  • I'm so tired and my to do list is so long I can't even fathom adding a workout to my day.
  • My nutrition is my biggest struggle.
  • Balancing time for workouts and everything else is a big challenge for me.
  • Have you seen my to do list?

I hear these and other similar comments from women every day. As women we are responsible for so much that we often put ourselves last on the list, if we even make the list to start with!

Imagine having a simple plan in place so you can always have an answer to that never ending question, "What's for dinner?"

Imagine feeling more confident and having more energy for all of the roles you play day in and day out (mom, partner, friend, employer, employee, business owner, cab driver, chef, nurse...the list never ends).

Imagine having time week after week to get your workouts done instead of hoping that carrying a toddler in meltdown mode, out of the store counts as enough exercise.

MomLife Hacks was created with you in mind. As a holistic health coach and a mama of 3, I understand what's it's like to feel so overwhelmed. I will take you step by step to create a plan that you can stick with, get results from and best of all enjoy sustainable results without feeling deprived.

It's time to feel good about the food that you eat and feed your family and have a workout routine that suits your lifestyle. You already know how important this is, now you can find out how to make it all work!

When you enroll in this course you get everything you need to level up your wellness!

  • Video lessons for every step so you can learn while you fold all of that laundry.
  • Notes to go with each lesson because again who has free hands to take notes?
  • Worksheets to take you through each step and create a plan just for you.
  1. Menu Planner
  2. Grocery Store Staples List
  3. Recipe Book
  4. Guide for Navigating the Store
  5. Label Reading Guide
  6. Tips for Feeding Eaters with Picky Palates

(Frankly, you should grab this course for the bonuses alone! Combined they are worth over $250.)

Enroll in this course and start learning right away!


Unbeatable price!

Hello! Here's the real me.

My name is Colleen Cleary and my goal as a health coach is to help as many mamas as I can to master the routines of menu planning & consistent workouts.

I could talk about creating healthy habits, all day long!


Mom life is hard! But you already know that. The beautiful thing is, with simple tools & strategies what currently feels like a chore can become a routine that you (gasp) actually enjoy.

Still Undecided?
Hear what others are saying about working with me.

"I am incorporating healthier choices with my diet and working out resulting in weight loss, though that is not the main focus. Working on my mindset has been the MOST beneficial tool I have learned. It's still a work in progress but I feel more positive about my wellness." -Stephanie, Mama of 2 year old Twins

"Colleen helped me by keeping me focused, helping me set goals for myself and helping me decide what was important for my health." -Gloriajean, Busy Mama & Grandma

"With subtle shifts in my mindset I'm finally able to stick with my workout program and healthy eating. I've lost over 30 pounds and I haven't felt this great or motivated in years!" -Susan, Working Mama